Tourism : what to see and do in Alassio in Holiday

What to see in Alassio on holiday....

Il Muretto
Located at the town hall, the little wall of Alassio is characterized by the application of tiles of different colors and forms, on which are placed the autographs of famous people from the world of culture, sport and entertainment who have visited the city .
Some works on Muretto Alassio also point out that it is also the city of lovers: the famous work "Les amoureaux" Raymond Peynet, the bronze statue of the "Lovers" Eros Pellini, the Storks steel Mastroianni and the mailbox of competition "The most beautiful love letter" that for February 14, Valentine's Day, is filled with letters and love poems from all over Europe.

Il Budello
This is the oldest road parallel to the coast, which crosses the entire city and is skirted by the best boutiques of Western Liguria.

The Sant'Ambrogio Church
Raised in the second half of the fifteenth century over the area already occupied by a church of the tenth century, the Sant’Ambrogio Church is a parish from 1507. The Romanesque style that characterized it from the beginning, it was converted into baroque at the beginning of the eighteenth century. On the contrary the bell tower dates from the fourteenth century, while the Renaissance façade, with pitched roofs, was superimposed in 1896. The interior of the church is the background of the frescoes of Genoese paintings of the sixteenth and seventeenth century.

The harbor and the chapel
The port of Alassio was made in the fifties by a natural inlet, with the characteristic chapel erected in 1929 in memory of those lost at sea.

The defense tower
The tower was built in the 16th century by the fishermen to defend the coast from pirates and Saracen invasions.

The Gallinara Island
The island is visible from any point of Alassio. Privately owned and part of the municipality of Albenga, is about 1,5 km from the coast. This is a protected area due to its undamaged natural environments, rare Mediterranean plants and marine environments. The island takes the name Gallinara or Gallinaria from the wild chickens which used to live here. It also became home to a community of monks, perhaps to observe Eastern or related to the monasteries of Provence, then move on, to the rule of the Benedictines.

The “Via Julia Augusta”
Built in 13 BC by Emperor Augustus to connect Rome to southern Gaul, the Via Julia Augusta is an historical, archaeological and natural trail among the most romantic spot in Liguria. It is easily covered on foot and is rich in colors and  the smells of characteristic Mediterranean vegetation. Starting from Alassio path begins 4 kilometers from the church of Santa Croce, which offers an extraordinary view, and ends with the monumental complex of St. Martin. In some places the road is original and can see the ruins of some Roman buildings and monumental tombs dating back to the end of the 1st century AD.

The church of Santa Croce
This Benedictine church is located along the ancient route of the Roman road and was during the 11th and 12th century by Benedictine monks from the nearby island Gallinara. From the viewpoint of the annexed park you can enjoy an incomparable view of the gulf.

The church of Madonna della Guardia
The sanctuary is located on the highest peak of Mount Tirasso and was built in the 13th century. Built thanks to the sea men of Alassio, it is surrounded by a park of 18,000 square meters.

What to do in Alassio on holiday : Sports

Sea and land, a climate ideal for sports activities, support of art infrastructure and extremely versatile. Alassio, with these characteristics that make it unique and precious, it is an ideal place for the sport.

Company: Hanbury Tennis Club - Alassio

Company: Golf Garlenda
Location: Garlenda (Sv) 16 Km far from Alassio

Under the sea Alassio runs along the entire coast a backdrop virtually free of dangerous currents. Rich in vegetation and fauna offers interesting diving spots, from the easiest to the most challenging. In the past have been found amphorae and ancient objects from the Roman period.
Company: Sesto Continente Diving Center

Going beyond the surroundings Alassio, are equestrian centers to which they are organized groups followed by a master for horseback riding in the heart of nature and western riding lessons.
The “Ippodromo dei Fiori”, in Villanova d'Albenga, 10 minutes far from Alassio, lets watch good races and trotting. Even here the children can enjoy spaces dedicated to them, where interacting with horses through the game, always accompanied by professional instructors.
Company: Riding Club Country Club
Location: Villanova di Albenga (SV)

Paragliding or hang gliding in the sky of Alassio, enjoying from the sea and the lush green coast is quite possible, especially in spring and autumn, when they get the best winds.

Sailing and Windsurfing
Like all the most beautiful seaside resort, Alassio also offers a varied range of nautical routes, to discover the hidden bays or approach respectful Gallinara Island, to do with different types of boats. Among them the best and most appropriate holiday to the rhythm of the city is definitely sailing, highly suitable for the sea furrowed by various winds that make the race course, some very challenging, but especially fun for those who love this sport.
Company: Circolo Nautico "Al Mare"

Company: Unione Ciclistica Alassio A.S.D.

Bocciofila Alassio

Tourism : what to see and do in Alassio in Holiday